Travel Tips

Travel Check-list

Hey guys,

This is the checklist i used for our year long trip, i hope it helps you when packing for your next destination.

  • Important documents (ie: passports, drivers license, medical insurance card, debit card, credit card, birth certificate)
  • Photocopies of all important documents. I always keep a copy of everything while I travel (away from the originals) and I give a copy to a close friend or family member at home.
  • Emergency numbers for Embassy, Medical Insurace etc.
  • Cash to exchange upon arrival (try to avoid exchanging at airports as they charge quite a bit more. Your best bet is to research a bit before arriving)
  • Hotel reservations, car rental reserations, flight itineraries printed or flagged in your email.
  • Document folder (RFID protection) Click here for the one i purchased on Amazon, i absolutely loved it.
  • Vaccination documentation (especially for Africa, you may require yellow fever shots)
  • Journal or notebook (i love writing about my trips, hence the blog)
  • 2-3 pens, always good to have when having to fill out arrival customs declaration on the plane
  • Travel apps for phone (momondo – great for cheap flights, airbnb, tripadvisor, google translate – download languages ahead of time, XE currency – great app and works offline, skyscanner,
  • face cream, sunscreen (some places like Asia have bleach in their products so best to bring your own)
  • First aid kit
  • Insect repellent
  • Disposable contacts/glasses/solution/cloth/case
  • Tylenol, Melatonin, Sleep aids, herbatox, digestive enzymes (tummy troubles are common in other countries) gas-x, cold medicine, robaxacet, daily vitamins.
  • Cameras, extra batteries, Memory cards (i have 4) charging cords/station
  • Cellphone, charging cords
  • Qtips
  • Laptop, charging cord
  • Headphones, ear plugs, neck pillow, eye mask (put in carry on for flights)
  • Universal Travel Adapter/Converter
  • Money belt/holder
  • Underwear(7) Socks(5) Bra(1) Sports bra(2)
  • T shirts(4) Sweater(1-2) Wind/Rain Breaker(1) Pants(2) Shorts(2-3) Bathing suit(1-2)
  • Running/hiking shoes(1) Sandals(1-2) Hat(1) Sunglasses (1-2)
  • Deodorant, Chapstick, Razors, Shaving cream, soap
  • Shampoo/Conditioner (Lush has great travel ones!) Styling products (travel size) hairbrush/comb
  • Travel toothbrush/toothpaste (i prefer the ones with caps/lids for hygiene reasons, have in carry on for long flights) Oral Hygiene products (mouthwash, floss)
  • Feminine products ( i swear by the diva cup )
  • Sunscreen, Moisturizer, Skin care products you may need
  • Anti bacterial wipes, sanitizer (have in carry on, long flights can be gross) Tide-to-go travel size
  • Travel games (i love cribbage so i always have a travel one with me)
  • Resealable zip-lock baggies/ small garbage bags (you will use these more often than you think)
  • Books/Magazine/Reading Material
  • Tweezers/Nailclippers
  • Travel Laundry Detergent, sink plug (you never know when you’ll need to wash clothes in a sink)
  • Day Pack (ive loved my Timbuk2 pack)
  • Sleeping bag, Pillow (we needed these specifically for our safaris)
  • Water bottle with built in filter
  • Quickdry Towel (seriously, buy the Tesalate towel, its AMAZING. Read my review here)
  • Portable Charger (i LOVED the Goal Zero Venture, read my review on it here)
  • Bobby pins, hair ties, dry shampoo spray
  • Toiletries Bag (look for one that you can hang)
  • Thermal undershirt (if going to cold countries)
  • Retractable Cable Lock (for locking backpacks)
  • Plastic Travel Utensils (you never know)
  • Travel Power Bar
  • Travel sized febreeze
  • Perfume
  • Shower/Water shoes (for those gross hostel bathrooms)

Remember you can download Netflix movies and episodes to watch offline if your plane doesn’t provide moves.

Download podcasts or books ahead of time

This is just a list that I made before we left for this trip and also have added to throughout our travels. I hope it helps you get an idea on where to start when packing for travel.

Thanks again for reading ❤

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