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Welcome to Formigine

It was exactly 11am that I was asked for a post by Ami. I ran immediately down to the square to take some photos. I was so happy to guest post something that means a lot to me. It has been a while that I have wanted to write about the place I live; Formigine. For some reason, Alessandro and I had the opportunity to live in this cute little town for the last 2 years. Sadly, the time has now come that we have to leave, so thank you Ami, for allowing me to write a post about this wonderful place


Formigine, in Modenese Furmezen, is a small town of 31,643 as an estimated population in the province of Modena Emilia-Romagna, Italy. With it’s Medieval Castle settled in the town centre, it is certainly one of the more attractive areas of the Province.

In the fifties the municipality administration of Formigine renounced the benefit of tax breaks for small companies that wanted to invest in depressed areas. That decision actually prevented the tile-making industries from developing in Formigine, unlike the neighbouring municipalities such as Sassuolo and Fiorano Modenese. On the other side, this renunciation of massive industrialization has increased the residential vocation so much that it has seen its population grow rapidly. And now it is nothing but a beautiful town surrounded by its countryside.


I know well that when it comes to visiting Italy, a visit to Formigine is not going to be suggested because it is misunderstood, but there are plenty of marvelous things to do here and throughout Italy to choose from that most tourists will miss this wonderful little stopover. I really feel that it deserves a bit more attention, especially if you’re on your way to the Ferrari Museum. If you plan on passing through Formigine, take the time to fit your lunch or dinner stop within its City Centre. There are so many places that it has to offer: ‘Piazza Italia’ will surprise you with its Caffè dell’orologio. The pastry shop ‘Perre’, the tasty icecream shop called ‘Joia’ or the Taverna Sapori Perduti Restaurant. All of these places, in my opinion, are a great evening stopover for families with kids.

On the other side of this busy city is a Castle where you can visit and try an aperitif within its castle walls. Another suggestion is a place like ‘Cantinetta’ for an after dinner drink. The atmosphere is so exciting and along with the great wine options its the perfect place to settle down for a few hours with some friends and enjoy the evening. The options here are endless and I can go on and on mentioning several different places but its up to you to choose!


Culture, environment, art and gastronomy are among the key elements that ensure a high quality of life here in Formigine and we do not take it for granted! You will be greeted with smiling faces of all the proud locals welcoming you!

The town, although small, holds many events during the months from June to September. Amongst them all, the 2 most popular ones are ‘Wednesday in Formigine’ (Luglio col bene che ti voglio) which takes place in July and ‘Fire at the Castle’ (incendio al castello) a celebration of the Saint Patron of the city lands on August 24th.


During these two wonderful years, I can say that we are so proud of being able to live here and experience the most beautiful moments of our lives. I hope, one day, to return as this could be a town I could call home!


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    1. Just a quick correction. This was actually written by a girl living in formigine from Sri Lanka. She was a guest writing a post on my blog. Would love to give the credit to her!


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