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Rimini To Rome

Of all the trains we’ve been on in Italy so far, of all the buses, restaurants, hostels and homes we’ve stayed in since arriving, I have come to believe that here, they do not believe in air conditioning. I see people sweating just as I am, hoping that the guy by the window props it open even just slightly so were not all breathing the same still, humid air. And yet, he never does. They all continue to happily sweat and the others, they’re wearing long sleeves and jeans and some in winter jackets. Me, I’m in a light t-shirt and shorts or a romper and my entire body is sticky. Now, I’ve been to Asia okay – I know this kind of heat. I’ve walked around in it, climbed to look outs and walked thru a temple in long pants and a covered shirt due to a certain dress requirement to enter but there, I can guarantee one thing. When you go into the majority of buildings, there is A/C! Not on the public bus but definitely the train. 1st class always has it. You can make sure you have it when picking your next place to sleep. Its always an option. I have yet to see it anywhere here. Wait, no, that’s a lie. I saw it in Rimini once, in an office. There it was, hung on the wall, sparkling white…so beautiful and unplugged. The guy underneath it, sweating like he just ran a marathon. We were fortunate enough to have a standing house fan in our room in Rimini or I may never have slept at all. I wonder if you can tell that I’m typing this bitterly, while I’m suffering on a still train in 30+ degree heat that hasn’t moved in the last 30 minutes.

Okay, now about Rimini. A gorgeous little beach town just south of Venice along the coast, close to Bologna and Florence. We had plans to do day trips there, but we just weren’t feeling it. Bologna is 2 hours by train each way and Florence over 3. Relaxing in a quiet little town seemed so much more appealing than walking around another big city in the heat. I don’t regret missing out on those places as it was a wonderful two days spent. This little town is full of amusement and water parks. It was so quiet when we arrived, but the streets were littered with these exciting colours of waterslides and roller coasters. The beaches covered with rainbow closed umbrellas as far as the eye could see. Right now, is the off season, Rimini picks up around June – July and becomes extremely lively with tourists. We spent our time down the main walking streets, which we love, and laid in the sun on the beach and went for a swim in the warm waters of the Adriatic Sea. We went mini golfing one of the days and enjoyed making our own meals again and not always having to eat pizza or pasta. Rimini is quite beautiful and calm, which was a welcoming change for the both of us. It was kind of the calm before the storm because Rome will be crazy!

Well I just wanted to update you guys and I will be doing a separate post about Rome after our two days here. Love you all. Thanks for reading! I didn’t take many photos of Rimini, was nice to leave my camera at home for once — but here are a few I manage to take.Rimini (3 of 4)Rimini (4 of 4)

Rimini (1 of 4)Rimini (2 of 4)

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