Ao Nang Beach, Krabi Thailand

I had never been to this place before so i was pretty excited when we had it all booked. It looked like a great little place to start, not too big of a city, a great beach and some lush green and tall mountains. We had decided to stay off of the beach when booking our place cause Koh Lanta was all about being in a beach bungalow so we booked our week at Andaman Pearl Resort. If you’re looking for a great little hotel, close to the main strip but tucked into the tall gorgeous mountainous backdrop, this is the place to book! I was blown away by the view, the beautiful rooms and the breakfast buffet. We had a great little pool that was open 8-8 that we utilized a lot after a long, hot day walking or hiking around in 70% humidity. The main beach was only a 20 minute walk or the hotel had a free shuttle that went several times a day if you didn’t feel like making the trek.beach day (3 of 13)ko poda island (1 of 14).JPG

We spent our time really well while we were here. We found our favorite restaurants that we ate at more than once and we also made sure to venture out and try something new. Scroll to the bottom for my list of our favorite local restaurants to eat at while in Krabi.

If you follow the main strip all the way down to the water and turn left you come across some gorgeous beach front hotels and bars. At 10pm every night there is an awesome fire show that you can watch that lasts around 15-20 minutes. Its absolutely worth checking out, just give a tip at the end when their done. Lots of spots to swim as well as stop and grab a drink at one of the many places offering happy hour specials. This is also a great place to grab a massage! My mom and i opted for Golden Massage cause they had foot scrub and massage offers for only 400 thb which is an excellent price! Her and i spent one evening walking along the main drag popping into the little tourist shops for shopping and getting a massage while escaping the evening downpour. It is at the end of the rainy season here but just before high tourist season so right now is a great time to visit i find. It does tend to rain every day, mostly in the evenings around 5-6pm but only lasting around 15 minutes. fire dancer

If you turn right off of the main road when you hit the beach you can follow that road down for more shopping and restaurants as well as more beach. The beachfront at the T is quite busy, full of long tail boats waiting to be filled with tourists to take over to one of the many islands for snorkeling.

We chose two places to snorkel, one was called Chicken Island which is a beautiful spot, but not  whole lot of room as the beach is quite small. It has a huge reef great for snorkeling but unfortunately it was a tad windy when we went so the visibility wasnt the greatest. We were fortunate enough to have a 3 foot Monitor Lizard stroll right past us while we were relaxing on the beach.dragon

Another great place we went for snorkeling was Poda Island. Both islands we had rented a private boat to take us over as there was 5 of us and it made sense rather than paying about the same amount for a public one. It costs us 1500 thb for all of us plus each island has a National Park fee off 400 thb to enter. Its completely worth it and a great way to go and snorkel on your own. The visibility here was great for us and we were able to see alot of beautiful fish and sea creatures like a very large puffer fish, several nemos, barracuda, huge parrot fish and one gorgeous angel fish. We spent most of our 3 hours on the island snorkeling, it was an absolutely wonderful day.45707089_10161046160115298_328443072612401152_nko poda island (9 of 14)ko poda island (14 of 14)

I highly recommend taking a tuk tuk to Tiger Cave Temple Mountain, which is a 20 minute drive from Ao Nang beach. A gorgeous temple with lots of large bright statues and beautiful fountains and ponds. If you’re brave you can also attempt the hike up the mountain that consists of 1260 steps to the top. Its a really tough climb, especially in this humidity but the views from the top and the monkeys you get to see are totally worth it. I dont recommend bringing small children to do this hike and also remember to pack plenty of water and snacks. You can fill your bottle back up at the top but there is no where to purchase water once up there.tiger temple_7tiger temple_23tiger temple_2

Mark and my dad had decided they both wanted to get tattoos done in the traditional bamboo style while here in Thailand. We popped into one of the top rated tattoo shops in Krabi called Reggae Ink Aonang. What a cool little shop with an incredibly talented artist. If you check out their Instagram you can see some of his amazing work including the tattoos Mark and I both got. Yes, i got one. Mark booked his first and got a traditional Thai symbol. I loved his piece so much that spur of the moment booked a spot for myself for our last day in Krabi. I have always wanted an owl tattoo but because my last tattoo was such a horrible experience I hadn’t gotten one since then, 7 years ago. For those that don’t know about my last tattoo, it was actually here in Thailand. I got two flowers on the top of my foot done by tattoo gun but was never told that i couldn’t go in the water for 2 weeks so that was my first mistake. Second mistake was trying to get home after it was done and not properly covered and getting caught in a downpour and the tattoo got infected. I couldn’t walk for 2 days, my foot swelled up twice its size and i spent way too many hours googling infected tattoos scaring and convincing myself my foot was going to have to be amputated. Although my foot survived and made a full recovery the tattoo looked like garbage and almost faded completely over the years. Today it looks like a bruise or a child drew on my foot with purple felt. So, needless to say, booking this tattoo spontaneously was a big deal for me. But this artist had so many beautiful pieces and the one he did on Mark was stunning. I also knew bamboo was safer, healed quicker and you could also go swimming on day 2 after getting it done. I’m so glad i went ahead and did it cause i absolutely love the piece he did and its given me more confidence to go ahead and finally get some more done!

Marks Tattoo
My Tattoo

Our 7 days in Krabi was pretty fantastic and i would definitely recommend a visit here. We spent other days enjoying the ocean, walking Monkey Trail by the water and relaxing at our refreshing pool at the hotel. If i plan on coming back to Thailand for a 4th time, i would probably add Krabi to the for a couple nights, even just to get another tattoo at Reggae Ink.

Our Favorite Restaurants In Krabi:

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  1. Well I get to first hand confirm all the amazing sights and experiences Ami wrote about…its been wonderful, my only disagreement is the comment at the start about the ‘mean’beach . I found it quite friendly overall 😆😘

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