Europe, Sweden and Denmark

Lunch in Sweden, Supper in Denmark

Trips are getting shorter and everything we want to see is being jammed into a really short amount of time. We had so many more plans for northern Europe including Belgium, Norway and Finland. Unfortunately, due to the Schengen Visa rules we were unable to do everything we wanted but I can’t complain, its been a pretty amazing four months!

We were pretty lucky to have my friend Stephen from high school reach out and offer us a place to crash while we were visiting Malmo and Copenhagen. We immediately cancelled our Airbnb we had booked and gladly took him up on his offer. It was a long trek from Amsterdam, but not as bad as some other travel days. About 14 hours and only 3 train changes which isn’t bad at all if you compare it to the 36 hours to get from Istanbul to Zagreb. It went fairly quickly as we have become seasoned vets when it comes to long trains.

We arrived pretty late and Stephen was nice enough to meet us at the train station as well as whip us up some midnight spaghetti when the falafel places were closed!

Our first day was spent walking around Malmo. We headed to the city centre not to far from where we are staying and grabbed some lunch at Salad and Smoothies. Such a delicious restaurant with a subway style Salad selection. Fairly expensive If you include the conversion as well and I believe we paid 45$ for two salads and two smoothies. They are totally worth it, the salads are massive, I couldn’t even eat the entire thing and the smoothies were large and so very good. I ended up getting my favourite Tuna Poke salad with Ahi Tuna, mango, lettuce, black rice, ginger and veggies along side of it a banana black velvet smoothie. Mark got a bacon and grilled chicken salad with a mango tango smoothie. I highly recommend checking this place out if your in Malmo and very hungry.  The buildings as usual in Europe are quaint and beautiful. I will never get sick of walking down the narrow side roads along the cobblestone roads. We enjoyed some walking streets and little squares filled with higher end restaurants.

My Ahi Tuna Poke Salad

We weren’t feeling up to trekking all over the city, so we walked down to the ocean and then into the park to relax on a bench and watch the ducks and birds floating in the pond. We hung out there for about an hour and I’m pretty sure I fell asleep for a bit, it was so quiet and relaxing. ssss

We headed back to the house to meet Stephen after work. We went out and picked up some food to make for dinner and had some tacos.

Day two we slept in and took a later train into Copenhagen after a delicious lunch at a Vietnamese place called Nam Do, a delicious cheap lunch menu with a make your own salad buffet included. Oh so good! Only 35 mins to the city centre that’s included in our Eurail pass makes it extremely easy to get to and from. Mark and I forgot our passports and had to go home as they usually check for ID when traveling between the Scandinavian countries. Of course, they didn’t check ours today. We had decided we were going to rent bikes to cover more ground and we are so sick of walking everywhere. For only 12 euros each, we rented a couple electric bikes that have a computer tablet built into the front of it with GPS, information about the city and where all the must see sights are. It was pretty awesome to bike around and we got to see so much more. We went down to Nyhavn, a canal and main harbour in Copenhagen. What a beautiful little area lined with brightly painted buildings, restaurants and yachts floating in the water. We stopped for an ice cream at Vaffelbageren where Mark had, and I quote, “The best soft serve ice cream of his life.” It was pretty amazing actually, made with cream and real vanilla.

copenhagen (5 of 14)

wewecopenhagen (1 of 14)copenhagen (6 of 14)

Went spent the entire day biking around and ended up checking out some army barricks, the Rosenburg castle and some more walking streets. We dropped off the bikes by the train station at the end of the day and ended up across the street at Tivoli Food Hall for some delicious Mexican food. I really fell in love with this city and could actually see my self living here. We are sad to leave, like every place we have visited but on to our very last stop…which is INSANE to think about! So excited to see a couple more friends before we head much further south!!copenhagen (10 of 14)copenhagen (9 of 14)

Thanks for reading guys ❤

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