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A Blip of Prague

So this isn’t going to be a very long post as we only spent a day and a half in Prague. I was here about 4 years ago with Sherry and I always fondly remembered this place as my top favourite from that years trip. Its cheap like Asia, you have endless choices for Asian style restaurants, the layout of the city and architecture makes it an absolutely gorgeous place to visit. (Is it obvious I like Asia??)

We had originally planned on 2 full days but decided to cut a day out to visit a friend of Marks in Schmalkalden, Germany. Yes, pronounced exactly the way it sounds…

It had been a while since we had done a free walking tour, I think the last one was in Valencia, Spain. We thought it be good to do one here since we didn’t have much time, I had already been here before and Mark wanted to see all the famous sights and of course learn about the history. The absolute best way to do this folks, a free walking tour. Good ol’ Sandeman is everywhere in Europe. It was a great tour guided by an Aussie who had been living in Prague for 10 years. An extremely hot day but thankfully its a dry heat here making it a lot more bearable when walking around on the cement. prague (6 of 15)prague (2 of 15)

We were pretty disappointed to see that the famous Astronomical Clock , the Orlaj, dating back to 1410 was under construction and only the top part of it was visible. For those that dont know about this clock, its the bottom part that you want to see as every hour on the hour the clock it has four figures that pop out of the clock and dance around. The four figures represent vanity, greed, death and lust. The clock is also famous for having not only a regular face but also a sun dial, moon dial, astronomical clock and zodiac ring. There is a stationary background behind the dials that represents the earth and local view of the sky making it look as though the sun and moon revolve around the earth, which is what was originally believed. What I found interesting that we learned in the tour was that the story states that the man to built this clock, Hanuš was blinded on the order of the Prague Councillors so that he could not repeat his work; in turn, he disabled the clock, and no one was able to repair it for the next hundred years. I felt bad for Mark not being able to witness the clock but that’s the way it goes sometimes.


We walked around the beautiful Prague Castle which is free unless you want to check out the inside exhibits. The largest medieval castle in the world at 70,000 square metres. So many different types of architecture depending on what era and which ruler built it. Its quite stunning to walk around in the gardens and courtyard. Make sure to get a picture of the view of Prague from the top by the entrance.prague (12 of 15)prague (11 of 15)prague (9 of 15).JPG

Our first evening we went to Thrill Park Prague and enjoyed having the sh*t scared out of us in a haunted dungeon. Built in the basement of a house, you have to navigate in complete darkness and only by feeling with your hands and following extremely faint blue dots. There are little tricks you have to figure out involving keys and buckets of water while people jump out and grab your legs and arms as you maneuver over objects, up ramps and through tight spaces. This is not for anyone claustrophobic, afraid of the dark or clowns. The end is the most terrifying part (aside from that f***ing clown) where all of a sudden a strobe light comes on and in the room with you is a masked man who chases you down a hallway and up a set of stairs with a chainsaw. It is possible that this is the most frightened I have ever been. I wont mention Mark throwing me towards to door so hard that I almost fell face first into the stairs or that he cowered behind me most of the time! We also shot zombies in a virtual reality game which was a nice way to end the evening as well as get your heart rate up. at about 30$ CAD each its a good and fairly cheap way to spend an evening and I highly suggesting checking it out if visiting Prague.

Thanks for reading and even more thanks if you’ve been following since the beginning! Because of you all, the amount of followers have grown since my first post and I also received my first company requesting to advertise on my blog! Unbelievably exciting! If you check out the side bar or at the bottom of my welcome page you will see a link to Rondo Dwarf Safari where you can book your Mount Kilimanjaro trek! If you do end up booking through my blog, please let me know so I can help you out! Scroll down for more info on Prague!

Cheers folks.prague (14 of 15)


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  1. I love these makes me feel close to your guys. I’m not at all surprised that MJ was cowering behind you. If he hasn’t already told you about Wanda the Witch ask him about it. 💗

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