Croatia, Europe

Recuperating in Zagreb, Croatia

Its been another stretch of down days and not too much to write about. Poor Mark has been really sick since we arrived in Zagreb, so we decided to take advantage of the 5 days here to get him better. I’m not going to lie, we spent a solid 2-3 days in the apartment relaxing and Mark sleeping off his cold. It seems to have worked well for us as he is feeling a lot better and we were able to catch up on some much-needed rest, hence, sleeping in until 10am every day. We didn’t do much touring in Zagreb aside from searching out grocery stores for food and watching a couple movies at the theatre. Zagreb was never very high on our list to visit and I don’t think we would have stay at all if we had been able to afford to visit Dubrovnik. In saying that, I am glad we got to stop and relax, and Zagreb is quite a beautiful city.zagreb (1 of 1)

Like most places we visit, our first day was spent walking around the city centre, checking out the lifestyle, buildings and local parks. We enjoyed walking up to a lookout over the city, checked out St. Marks cathedral and its beautifully tiled roof and rode the asensor back down to the main centre. Like all places in Europe the buildings are gorgeous, rich in culture, brightly coloured and wonderfully decorated. The weather isn’t as hot as in Split and you could feel the climate change just from going a bit further North. Don’t get me wrong, its still hot, but not as scorching or humid. We got to witness a pretty cool storm from our 3rd floor apartment on our second night that we had hoped would break the humidity, but no such luck.

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St Marks Cathedral

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On the days we spent in the apartment recuperating, we spent the evenings catching up on movies that we had really wanted to see when they were released. We got to watch the much anticipated Deadpool 2 and Jurassic World 2, both fantastic movies!

It was nice to back to making meals for ourselves and although the apartment we had was extremely tiny, it seemed to be plenty of room for the 2 of us. It was a bachelor suite with the bed being a pullout couch and a 2-counter sink/stove area. The hot water tank was on the wall and at head height right by the sink making it almost impossible to do dishes without having to place your cheek on it. Mark learned the hard way by standing too close when I turned the hot water on in the bathroom and the tank lit up and a flame came out of the bottom, barely singeing his beard. Seems pretty safe to me…

Our Airbnb

On our last day, Mark was finally feeling himself again, we ventured out to a park just a 15-minute walk from our place. Maksimir Park was very beautiful, rich in green foliage centred around a Zoo as well as ponds filled with bird life. Pretty sure the only reason we chose this park was cause of the ‘wildlife’ comments on the reviews. It gave me some time to practice a bit more with my camera and move further in my photography course as well. I basically held an impromptu duck photoshoot, and it was awesome. I’m just gearing up for all the wildlife coming in Africa, starting with things a little less carnivores. Along with the ducks we got to see a large crane and an abundance of turtles poking their faces out of the water around the plants. Oh, and the best part, pigeons. I can never get enough of the beautiful pigeons. Just kidding, I am so flipping sick of pigeons. I think them, along with seagulls, are the only bird species you will find in every corner of the world. And what is the deal with people’s obsessions with feeding them?! I just don’t get it…okay I’m a little off track here with my pigeon rant, I’m done, I swear.zagreb12 (1 of 1)-3zagreb12 (1 of 1)



The forest here reminded me a lot of walking through our forests at home. The trees life is quite similar to ours it seems, a lot of large stumps blanketed with moss and mushrooms growing out of the bottom. Thick green tree tops protecting you from the glare of the sun. Even the smell reminded me of home, it was quite nice to walk through. We enjoyed ice-cream bars as we walked around and Mark patiently waited on the sidelines as I carried out my 20-minute duck photo shoot. He’s such a patient man.



We had a very early train to Munich the day we left, so we were up around 5am to be out the door for 6. Not a bad route to Germany, one direct train and only 9 hours. I know that sounds crazy to say but its honestly a short trip for us now. Especially when you don’t have to switch trains 2 or 3 times. We were pretty pleased with the train as well. Reclining leather seats in your own little cubicle with a large window, plenty of leg space and a sliding door to close you in and if you require changing the temperature you have your own thermostat. At less than 9 euros, for the two of us, it’s a wicked deal. I have no idea how much these trains cost without the discount from the Eurail pass but I can’t imagine 1st class seats such as these are cheap. Money well spent.37584910_10160621537420298_7268374495050596352_n

The terrain through Slovenia was breathtaking. The entire trip looked like a post card. Still, mirror reflective water stretching along side lush green trees and orange roof farm houses strategically placed along the hill sides. Farmers working out in their fields beside grazing cattle and sheep. Its in moments like these that I feel fortunate to be taking a train and soaking up the country side that you would undoubtedly miss taking a plane. I was very excited and eager to get to Munich to see a couple close friends, Mo and Laura, but the view out the window helped kill the time.

Here’s to the next 3 days with some awesome people who never fail to welcome me into their home each time I visit Europe.

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