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My 20 Travel Tips

Hey guys! Here’s 20 tips I’ve compiled together for you to help with your next trip! These are based on my own personal experiences and are intended to help before and during your trip! Shoot me an email or send me a message on FACEBOOK if you have any other questions.
1) Take a hat
2) Coordinate your outfits before leaving for your trip
3) Double check visa information before going to a new country
4) If you’re going somewhere hot, take sports wear clothing, sweat wicking is by far the best for Asia in my opinion
5) Use cash more often than credit card
6) Take out a decent amount of cash (not too much) but don’t carry it all in the same spot especially if traveling in big cities known for pick pockets like Paris, Rome or Barcelona
7) More often than not, you can find a bank machine that doesn’t charge a fee to take out money. Keep in mind the conversion costs, your bank card fees and the ATMs fees, it can all add up very quickly
8) Carry a light sweater, you just never know how chilly it might get at night even in a warm country
9) Purchase a good neck pillow (check out Bcozzy on amazon)
10) Purchase a good travel towel (see my review HERE on the one I bought for my year long trip)
11) Have a ‘Plan B’ ready for transportation routes, you just never know
12) Expect delays especially on trains in Europe
13) Be patient! Don’t get upset over things out of your control
14) If in Europe – pee on the trains on travel days, (I know they can be gross) most public washrooms charge anywhere from 70 cents to 1.50 euro to use depending on the country. (Venice has been the most expensive)
15) Don’t carry your credit card and bank card together when venturing out. Always take one or the other and keep separate on those big travel days.
16) Double check bank fees on both your cards. If you travel a lot, look into a travel visa through your bank, they usually have great perks when using over seas and low rates. I use RBC’s Infinite Avion
17) Buy a bottle opener and corkscrew
18) Carry an empty water bottle and fill up! Save money and help the environment
19) Check your bank account often! It’ll help keep track of money, so you have no surprises and if something does happen (knock on wood) you can catch any suspicious activity sooner.
20) Don’t be afraid to ask a local. They’re usually willing to help, even with a language barrier, maybe not Paris but every where else! Lol
I hope at least one of these helps you for your next vacation!
Safe Travels.

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