Europe, Italy

Vatican City

Im going to start off by saying that I dont know why I’m ever surprised by the stuff I see on trains in big cities. There is always a few odd ducks doing strange things, but Rome so far is the best when it comes to city transit folk. If I think about myself living here and dealing with the heavy tourist traffic, I would probably be just the same. Id imagine it can get fairly frustrating. Today I couldn’t stop laughing when a young girl got up from her seat to offer it to an older gentleman who was standing. She was hardly out of her seat, pretty much still hovering over it and the elderly man beside her swooped in literally under her and when she went to sit back down, she sat right on his lap. He was trying to push her off of him and she looked back not knowing what the hell was going on. That’s how quickly your seat gets taken on a tram in Rome! So there’s some fair warning for you lol

So today was intended to be an insanely busy day like yesterday but didn’t turn out to be as intense. I was dressed properly so I wasn’t dying of heat exhaustion which was a nice change. It hit a whopping 36 degrees today which makes me wonder how hot the weather gets when its summer. Yikes. Dont get me wrong, I love the heat, but when your putting in 20,000 – 30,000 steps in a day it can get a tad exhausting.

Our first stop this morning was straight to Vatican City. The smallest country in the world, the  home of the Pope and the Sistine Chapel. Today is Republic day in Italy so it was quite busy as there was a parade going on downtown. While we were at the Vatican we got to see some jets fly over in unison (like the snowbirds back home) spraying the Italian flag colours behind each jet. It all happened so quickly and I wasn’t able to get a shot of it unfortunately as it was quite beautiful.

vatican city (1 of 1)
Chairs set up for tomorrows Sunday mass with the Pope


What a wonderful square to walk into right away called St Peters square. Surrounded by large pillars on either side of you and at the top of the square centred is the Basilica. It was all set up with chairs and screens out front for Sundays mass with the Pope. The only way to complete a square in Europe is a large gorgeous fountain, which of course this had. It was packed with tourists, people trying to sell tickets and other souvenir items. We looked into costs of seeing the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museum. Unfortunately the cost was insanely pricey. It would have cost us 51 euros each so about 150$ Canadian. We just dont have that kind of money but neither of us are really that inclined to spend that much on it anyways. I could see if our soul trip was Rome, then yes, I would have paid that just to see Michelangelo’s work. Although, I was wearing shorts and a tank top so no way they would let me in anyways, I would have to buy other clothes to get in as you have to have your shoulders and knees covered. That’s happened to me before in Cambodia trying to get into certain temples.

vatican city (1 of 1)-2
St. Peters Basilica

vatican city (1 of 1)-3


After our poor asses realized we had nothing much more to see there we grabbed a bite to eat outside of the city and to get some wifi and decide what to do next. Yesterday was so hot and busy you could tell both of us where beat and not really up for a whole bunch of walking again. From there we took the train to a large mall outside of the main city to enjoy some AC and mindlessly shop. 3 months in and days like this are much needed. I even researched going to a movie. Both of us really want to see the new Deadpool but I couldn’t find out if it was in English or not. No big deal. We spent a couple hours at the mall and headed home for the day. A quick two day stop over is all we needed for Rome and my history obsessed boyfriend is happy. Tomorrow we head further south and onto the city that invented pizza. So prepare yourself for pizza photo ops daily.

Thanks again for reading 🙂

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