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Natas in Nazare, Portugal

Well after an extremely over indulging day of eating 5 natas, I begged Mark to keep me from them as I have no self control with these delicate little pastries. Seriously, they’re everywhere! Its so hard to avoid them. There’s a bakery around the corner JUST for Natas. Every café and restaurant sells them, even train stations and grocery stores sell them. Its very difficult. Cafes have combos with coffee for insanely cheap, 1 euro for a coffee and nata. Insanity. But after Mark yelling at me and pulling me away from them, I successfully went two full days without ONE! Super proud of myself. Were on to Lisbon next and apparently that’s where they originated from so this should be fun.

I must say, if you plan on coming to Portugal, you have to make a pit stop in Nazare. This is a great place to stop and relax. This was much needed for us since lately we have been staying on the outskirts of places and having to bus it into town to do anything. This usually involves long days of just walking around, which isn’t bad but several days in row can really catch up and burn you out. That’s why places like Nazare are so important when traveling for long periods of time. This place is so quant and simple. Placed right along a long gorgeous beach, the town consists of three villages. Our Airbnb is so cute. We have an entire apartment to ourselves in Praia. Its small but perfect and located only 40 metres from the beach. We are able to leave our shoes at home and cross a small street 30 seconds away from our front door and have our feet in soft warm sand. This place is famous for its waves and surfing where record beating waves reaching 90 feet high have been recorded as the biggest waves in the world. That being said the weather here is gorgeous and sunny but can be overwhelmed by the heavy winds causing those beautiful waves. We still managed to spend a couple days laying on the beach soaking up the sun regardless. nazare (1 of 1)-8.JPGView of Praia’s Salgado Beach from O Sitio villagenazare (1 of 1)-4

Our first day we enjoyed getting to know our new neighborhood and eating a delicious seafood meal right on the beach at Aleluia. We shared an amazing mix of seafood cooked right in charcoal. Sardines, cuttlefish, sea bass, salmon and mackerel. I wasn’t a huge fan of the cuttlefish or the sardines but the salmon and sea bass were TO DIE FOR. Wow, I was blown away by the skate appetizer too as well as the bottle of red wine the waiter suggested to me. Im not a huge red wine drinker, but so far all has been quite delicious. We made sure to grab 1kg of fresh strawberries off an old lady along the beach for 1.50 euros. Such a great price and they were amazing. seafood feastDinner at Aleluia — 25 euro for two people

Day two was pretty amazing as well. We made sure to sleep in and get caught up on rest. We took a walk through the neighborhood, grabbed a soccer ball and kicked it around at the beach. We walked down to the far end of the beach where the cliff blocks the waves so we could swim. The waves were still quite large and knocked us around a bit but we had so much fun diving under them and tossing around the soccer ball. We got caught up on laundry, picked up some groceries and had a pretty mellow day. The streets are quite beautiful here not surprisingly. Steep and narrow lined with white buildings and trimmed with a beautiful sky blue color that makes me think is what Santorini Greece might resemble. nazare (1 of 1)-18

We took a walk in the morning of day 3 up to the town above us called O Sitio. An old village on top of the cliff over looking Praia. It was a nice little hike to the top where there were cute little squares filled with local shops, cafes and lookouts to get a great view of the beach below. We headed down to the famous light house to look over the edge and take in the large waves and fresh sea air. Only 1 euro to get into the lighthouse. A fairly easy walk from where we are staying and took us about an hour to the lighthouse. Normally there is a tram that takes you all the way to the top for 1.50 euro but it was under maintenance on this day but we didn’t mind the hike. After eating all those Natas, I needed it anyways.nazare (1 of 1)-16

Day four was just as relaxing involved sleeping in, visiting the local market, Mercado Nazare. Pretty small compared to what we have seen in the last few places but were able to grab some fresh fish which we think might be Perch, but not 100% due to the language barrier. We’re pretty sure it turned out to be Perch and it was an okay fish. That’s the name of the game though — sometimes you just dont know what you’re getting. After supper we headed out for the sunset. We took the Ascensor, which is a tram from one side of Praia and takes you straight up the cliff to O Sitio so you dont have to hike all the way up. Turns out it was shut down for the last 3 days for maintenance. Only took about 5 minutes to get to the top and it runs every 15 minutes until midnight. The sunset was beautiful of course, a bit chilly with the wind so we were glad we wore sweaters. It was a perfect way to end our last night in Nazare. I cannot stress enough to those traveling Portugal, how important it is to add this beautiful little surfing village to your list, you wont be disappointed. Onwards south tomorrow to Lisbon. So excited for what lies ahead. Obrigado por lur (Thank you for reading) 🙂nazare sunset (1 of 1)nazare sunset (1 of 1)-3


3 thoughts on “Natas in Nazare, Portugal”

  1. From steep narrow streets to the vast open beach you give quite the contrast in this part of Portugal. Gave me the feeling of experiencing it with you…thank you.

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  2. A lovely read before my bedtime after an afternoon shift…im.hoping my dreams will incorporate this blog…lol.


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