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Mad Love for Barcelona

The last two days have been pretty fantastic. I must say — Barcelona is everything I had imagined it would be. Minus yesterdays rainy moments, it has been quite beautiful. Granted, it is still their early spring so although the sun is shining, that wind can be a bit chilly! I felt pretty damn good hanging up that rain jacket and sweater today though! Those who have done any long distance backpacking understand the pain of your lack of outfits. I really love the ONE hoody I brought that I purchased specifically for this trip, but oh my god, if I have to wear it again in the next four weeks I might lose it!

Yesterday was pretty much day one. Mark and I tried out the hostel’s 2€ breakfast and lets just say, it wasn’t even worth that. Basic stuff like cereal, (the knock off brands that tasted like cardboard) bread, cookies and the basic fruit like bananas and oranges. I cant eat anything other than the fruit and you can only get so much sustenance for the day from them. Im also used to a hardy breaky like a veggie omelette or oatmeal that will give me the energy I need for most of the day. So needless to say, it was a little disappointing. We headed towards the centre of town to meet our walking tour. Yes, another walking tour. I still cant stress enough the beauty of these tours with Sandeman.

The tour revolved around Barcelona’s charming Gothic Quarter. Winding, narrow, almost medieval streets rich in street graffiti and ancient buildings. Amongst all of the rich history are trendy bars, tapas restaurants, cafes and shops. This area is so easy to get lost in, metaphorically and literally.



About halfway through the tour it stopped raining and the clouds opened up and the sun came out! It was a beautiful rest of the afternoon learning about such a vast history of Barcelona in only 2.5 hours. After the tour we grabbed some groceries for supper and breakfast and called it a night as we planned on getting up early the following day

up at 7am and planned on being out the door by 8. Of course there is always hiccups in plans and the kitchen in our hostel wasn’t open until 8am and we were not heading out until we had some breakfast. When we headed down there and started cooking we were told we weren’t allowed to cook our own food until noon. Their way of assuring we pay for their crappy continental breakfast. He ‘let is slide this time’ as we already cracked our eggs and heated our pan. Im not going to lie I was a bit irritated and thought about pulling the ‘allergy card’ but Mark and I decided to not make too much noise (I know how much he loves it when I cause a scene in public places) and make our breakfast the night before and just use the microwaves to heat it up.

Today was beautiful. Today I fell madly in love with Barcelona. 23 degrees, with a bit of a wind, not too hot and not too cold, it was perfection. We rocked up to the famous La Boqueria Market right in the heart of Barcelona on the touristy Las Ramblas street. If you plan on coming to this city, this is an absolute must see! It took us just over an hour to walk through the entire market. Every inch of it is lined with vendors selling their speciality. Rows upon rows of every type of freshly squeezed fruit combinations you can think of causing this brightly coloured rainbow row to walk through. There is an entire meat and fish area from live lobster and crab, eel, tuna and octopus to 500$ and up aged beef, whole skinned rabbits (gross) and full chickens. This is a chefs paradise! Weird meat and strange vegetables from all over Europe. Some things I havent seen since I was in Asia. It was phenomenal. Dont even get me started on the chocolate and candy section! It was mind blowing. There is so much to see that you cannot simply go once. We are definitely heading back! Mark and I picked up some stuff for dinner. Ahi Tuna for myself (of course) which cost 11$ for 400 grams!! Insane!! And some fresh chicken breast for Mark that came to about 3$. The prices are extremely reasonable and I highly suggest shopping for groceries here if you are able to do so or just show up and snack! There are plenty of those as well as sit down restaurants to choose from.

IMG_20180502_171834_542.jpgOne vendors selection of chocolate and baked goods

20180502_092903Fresh fruit juice


After the market and dropping our food off we headed towards the water — of course. The rest of the day was so wonderful, relaxing and beautiful. We checked out side streets, enjoyed some live music along the boardwalk, walked along Port Vell and took in the gorgeous blue water and the smell of the ocean. By the end of the day we had walked about 30,000 steps and had lasted most of the day on what we consumed for breakfast and a bag of peanuts. It was time to head home and eat some delicious food! Because everyone generally eats so late here (about 9-10pm) we tend to get the kitchen all to ourselves. We finished off the evening relaxing on the rooftop terrace and drinking beer and sangria! A wonderful end to an amazing day! Lots planned for tomorrow, our last day! So stay tuned!

DSC04545La Ramblas Streetbarcelona (1 of 1)-11
Street entertainer
Barceloneta Beach

barcelona (1 of 1)-11
Street entertainer
Barceloneta Beach

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