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Touring Liverpool with a Plastic Scouser

Had a pretty nice day today touring around Liverpool. Its only a 35 minute train ride from where we’re staying in Warrington. The transit system is so easy out here, there doesn’t seem much of a reason to drive. Me being from a small town its quite the opposite, you pretty much have to drive as our town consists of what seems like 2 bus routes running every hour. I’m probably exaggerating as I haven’t taken the bus back home since I was 15 years old and me and my best friend Melanie used to catch it to the mall to cause havoc and hit up burger king for lunch. Typical teenage stuff, right.

Got into Liverpool just before 11 with barely enough time to run across the street to St. Georges Hall to meet our Sandeman walking tour. Man, we love these tours. Free tours in 19 countries and it seems like a lot of smaller cities also have their own local walking tours as well. Looks like its catching on. If you’re traveling I highly suggest just googling “name of city” free walking tour, more often than not you will find one. Marsaille had one but it was not Sandeman. We will definitely be looking into a walking tour in every place we go to. Its such a great way to hit all the to see sights in a matter of a few hours and learns lots of great information about them and that particular city.

I didn’t realize Liverpool was so rich in history, it was a pretty interesting tour. Right down to the names meaning. Liverpool or  ‘Liuerpul’, people argue the different meaning of it, possibly meaning pool of life or creek with muddy water. In 1715 the first ever commercial wet dock was completed along the River Mersey which accommodated up to 100 ships. By the late 19th century, 40% of worlds trade was passing through these docks which made Liverpool and extremely wealthy city.

20180425_131446Queen Victoria Monument

Just like every where in Europe, Liverpool is nothing but gorgeous buildings, cobblestone narrow streets and pubs on every corner. We walked with the tour down the world famous Matthews street with the iconic Cavern Club, where the Beatles got their start and played a total of 292 times in a matter of two years. The pub used to be a egg packing facility and was converted to a jazz pub in the 1950s. The inside is very beautiful and cellar like with brick walls giving it a somewhat creepy feel. Down 3 flights of spiraling stairs presented all over the walls are pictures of famous artists that have played at the venue, from Bo Diddly and The Rolling Stones to Elton John, The Who and Adele. Outside is a wall of all the names of those who played there. We had a 15 minute break in the tour and Mark and I decided to stop for a pint here, half pint for me of course. Just over £6 for two drinks so about 10$CND.

20180425_121639Statue of John Lennon — You can see the wall behind him of all the names of Artists

20180425_12420220180425_124255 The original stage

Pretty interesting and informative tour today. Mark is such a history nut so he probably retains all the information unlike me, tomorrow this will all be gone from my brain. After the tour we headed back the main shopping centre for a late lunch and decided to try out Europe’s famous Nandos. We see these every where we go! The menu is pretty great actual. Lots of options mainly around chicken but there is beef and vegetarian options. After lunch we checked out the World Museum which was pretty interesting and free! 5 floors of exhibits from Aquariums and bug rooms to ancient Egypt and a planetarium. We finished up just as it was closing and checked out the beautiful Central Library. Hit up a Tesco for some supper options and caught the train back to Warrington. All in all a pretty great day even though I do enjoy sitting around in my pjs all day its nice to get out and be productive. We have a lot of busy days coming up so im glad to be able to relax for the time being. Only two more days here until we take off to our next destination. Once again, thanks for reading! If you have a second, please share or comment! ❤

20180425_114546.jpgMonument to those that died in the Hillsborough tragedy


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