Goal Zero Venture – Portable Charger πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸ

Anyone who has done any long amounts of traveling whether its for work or pleasure, theres always that issue of running out of battery juice on your phone, camera or computer. Trying to find a free charging port waiting for your flight or driving long distances. I have always had these issues even going to and from work. Trying to force myself not to check or use my phone too much cause I know it cant die cause I need it for directions eventually when I arrive. And for those that know me know that I ALWAYS need my phone for directions (thanks for your directional skills mom!).

Mark and I decided to fork out a decent amount of money for something as valuable as a portable charger and we have yet to be disappointed by this device. It seemed a tad on the heavy side at about 1lb but its nothing to toss it into my camera bag or day pack while it charges my devices. Its fairly thin and slides into the side pocket of my camera bag perfectly and I’m able charge my camera or phone as I carry it around for the day. I cant even count how many times this charger has come in handy so far for our trip. It has two USB output ports and one USB input port. It comes with two types of charging cords, one for an iPhone and one for an Android and they are built to clip into the side of the device when not using them. Its got about 12 hours of charging power and we have yet to drain it completely. We can get several charges out of our phones and cameras before we have to plug it in to re-juice. I highly recommend this device and you will not be disappointed with it! If you’re interested — I have posted the link below to MECs website for the exact one Mark and I purchased. Happy charging folks! ⚑

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