Tesalate Beach Towels πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸ

Mark and I did alot of research before we left on ‘the best travel towel’. My experiences with travel towels in the past haven’t been all that good. I bought one years ago for my Asia and Australia trip from just a local travel store. It was fairly small and expensive and it didn’t dry all that fast and I hated the feel of it on my skin, almost waxy and I ended up getting rid of it early on. Tesalate kept popping up in our searches but due to the cost I would push it aside and continue looking. Well after we did more and more research we decided to buy it, what the hell. We each bought one at around 80$CAD and free shipping worldwide is always a plus! There were so many awesome patterns to choose from. It shipped extremely quickly, I was very surprised and happy with that.

The towel is quite large which I was so happy with. Could almost wrap it around myself 2 times. It has this great towel like feel too it. It’s crazy absorbent and it dries me in seconds. I find it better than a regular towel. It’s perfect ladies for wrapping your hair in too. My hair dries twice as quick wrapped in this towel. And the towel itself dries in a matter of an hour — great for traveling!! We decided to test it out at the beach and it is completely sand proof. No sand stuck to it whatsoever. I give this towel five stars and highly recommend you to purchase this whether you’re a traveller or not, this is a fantastic towel and worth every penny!

To purchase a Tesalate Beach towel. Click hereΒ for a link to their website.

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