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Marseille at Sunset

Good evening folks. Well, evening for us,  afternoon for most of you back home. Not a whole lot to update on today as it was a pretty mellow one for us. Mark and I headed down on the bikes to check out Mucem. A fairly new museum that lies tucked into the port of Marseille resting right on the ocean. Im not going to lie — it was pretty lame. We had expected something a little more extravagant considering the building itself is a work of art but inside there were 5 exhibits and all in French. We were actually a tad confused cause we had learned on our walking tour that it was actually recently built mainly to attract tourism to the city and yet everything was French. It costs extra to get an audio tour in English. Ah well, these kind of things happen. By this time it was lunch so we headed home for that.

We had done a fair bit of research on some restaurants and had gotten some tips from our tour guide on types of food and drinks to try while visiting Marseille, so we had a place in mind when we hopped on our bikes and headed out for supper. Down a old back road along a cobblestone street and tucked into a narrow building lies Au Coeur Du Panier. One of the top rated restaurants in the city for local cuisine. Raving 5 star reviews on google so we had high expectations. They were definitely met here for sure. First thing we ordered was Pastis, a black licorice flavoured liqueur that the locals enjoy on ice. We both took our first sip and looked at each other in disgust. It is not good. Lol. Neither of us like black licorice and this stuff tastes exactly like Sambuca, which I have avoided since my teen years when I may have over indulged in shots one night and havent been able to touch it since. None the less, we still downed it fairly quickly and it went down a bit smoother with some water mixed in. We were told a must try is the Aioli which mark ordered along with poached cod, potatoes and vegetables. The aioli was delicious, thick and rich in flavour. Mixed together so well with the cod that literally fell apart when you stuck your fork into it. I had my heart set on the scallop dish. First time in a while I was able to order scallops at a restaurant that weren’t bacon wrapped. They were seared to perfection and accompanied with roasted root vegetables, buttery, smooth yet crispy polenta and roasted squash puree. Everything was so delicious. We were stuffed full and eager to run out of there as the sun was setting and we wanted to catch the sunset at the pier.


We caught a great view from the pier of the sun setting. Gorgeous reds, oranges and yellows and a great time for me to practice my photography in manual. I got a few good shots and think I’m really starting to figure it out.

marseille sunset2 (1 of 1).JPGmarseille sunset (1 of 1).JPGmarseille at night (1 of 1).JPG

Well, I’ll leave you with that my friends. Tomorrow is our last full day here and back up north Friday. Sad but excited for more to come. Love you all. Au revoir ❤

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  1. How dare you trash Pastis??!!!! :-0 You should have been expelled from Marseille the moment you said it was disgusting!… (kidding!)

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