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Versailles Via Audi….NBD – Paris

Today started like any other day. We hopped in an Audi and got dropped off to tour the Palace of Versailles. Pretty standard stuff for a day in Paris…no big deal. Just kidding. Huge deal! It was pretty sweet. The Airbnb we are staying at is just outside of the main city like I’ve said in my other blogs and the guy whos house it is, is super nice and offered to give us a lift into town so we didn’t have to take 11 trains to get there. Pretty wicked nice of him. Well he works for an Audi dealership so of course he drives one. Half way there he decided to just take us straight there which ended up being a 1 hour drive from his house and drop us off right at the front entrance. Pretty sweet.

There’s not too many places I have come across so far where I don’t really know how to describe it. I’m kind of at a loss for words when I think about this palace. I think every single room I walked into today (and there was a lot of them) I said out loud, “Oh, My, God!” or “Unreal!” It was such a wonderful, extravagant experience to walk through this place, I don’t think I will ever forget it. I will do my best to describe it as well as give you some history and information we learned today about this luxurious place.

varseillex3 (1 of 1).JPG

Versailles is a royal chateau in France. It was once used as living quarters for the Kings of France but is now since been turned into a museum and is an extremely popular tourist attraction. It is a symbol of absolute monarchy in France due to the small period that the Kingdom of France was ruled from behind its walls between 1682 and 1789. The palace is built with gorgeous different coloured marble, covered in gold plating and illuminated with glittering candle chandeliers in every room. It was built to impress, to be jaw dropping and it definitely worked on me. Every room was a different color, each more extravagant than the last from the carvings on the walls and door frames to the hand painted art on the ceiling. The floors, also made of marble and the statues that tower in the shadows of all the corners made of either a white marble, glowing bronze or lead.

varseillex2 (1 of 1).JPGvarseillex1 (1 of 1).JPGvarseillex4 (1 of 1).JPG

I’m not sure I could’ve taken enough pictures of this place. I think out of the entire palace my favorite room had to be the ‘Hall of Mirrors’. Back in these times, mirrors were extremely hard to come by and if you had one it showed wealth. Well, in this hall that stretches 73m in length holds 357 mirrors. These mirrors sit opposite 17 arched windows looking out into one of the amazing courtyards. A hand painted ceiling and gold plated trim, strung from the roof are more breathtaking chandeliers.


I think the pictures speak for me as I’m still struggling to come up with words to make you guys feel like you’re there with me. Ill just post some more pictures cause it seems to be the easiest way to bring you into it.


The courtyard outside the palace stretches over roughly 800 hectares of land, much of which is landscaped in classic French Garden style. They are the most visited public site in France, receiving more than 6 million visitors a year. Amongst the colorful array of flowers, sculptures and perfectly groomed hedges there are several bodies of water, each with a fountain displayed in the centre. Unfortunately the fountains were not running which was slightly disappointing.


We spent more than 4 hours walking around the entire site and probably only saw a fraction of it. We ended up accidentally stumbling across the city of Versailles when we attempted to head back to the palace not realizing there was an actual city with people living in it! Gorgeous ancient looking narrow streets and buildings. It was a lucky stumble as we headed towards the train station to find the best Crepe place in Paris!

It didn’t end up being too far from Versailles and we sat down for some supper and each had a ham, cheese, egg and mushroom crepe which was huge and delicious. We of course had to order a sweet crepe to share and ended up getting a baked apple, salted caramel butter and homemade vanilla icecream. Ya….it was as amazing as it sounds! And it was so much fun to drag our stuffed, over indulged selves back onto the trains and trek the rest of the way home! Pretty awesome last day in Paris I might add and so very excited for a new place tomorrow! Love you all, thanks again for reading if you’ve made it this far! Share or comment! I enjoy knowing who follows this blog! Au revoir ❤



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