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Paris hates us – Parlez Vous Anglais?

I haven’t said this enough already — good lord. Paris, where no one wants to help or talk to you! Always so much fun. I think they have one of the most intricate subway and bus systems I have ever seen. Add in the language barrier and it can get pretty difficult. We are staying outside the main city and it takes us 3 trains and a bus to and from, which can be a little exhausting. Which brings me to my first point. For those of you who are thinking about traveling or have traveled before know that patience is key! I cannot stress that enough. You’re going to get lost, miss a bus, miss your stop, go right instead of left etc… It can get frustrating. My tip is to account for that to happen. Don’t be surprised by it. Turn around and back track, or ask someone (or 10) to help you, more often than not someone will help you out eventually. We did that many times today and its only day one. Some people look at you like your begging to use their jacket for toilet paper but most will help how they can.

Today was basically a travel day and there’s not much to update on. I missed yesterday as well cause I haven’t been feeling too well — fighting off a bug or something. Feeling better today though.

This morning started at 3am in Dublin to catch a 630 flight. By the time we landed, grabbed the shuttle and bus to the place we were staying and got downtown Paris it was already 2pm. We walked around the city soaking up the +17 weather! I almost forgot what it was like to have the sun kiss my face! It was wonderful. We made it to the Arc de Triomphe and got a few photos of it. I wasn’t feeling well so I didn’t take too many. We thought it was a super bright idea to look for a place to eat while we were downtown city centre. Brilliant Mark and Ami. Solid decision. We probably couldn’t even have gotten into the giant Louis Vuitton building let alone afford to eat at any place in that area! Once we got away from the centre and over the bridge (not missing the gorgeous view of the Eiffel tower as the amazing back drop) we stopped at a little Italian pizza place and shared a pizza for 13€. At this point we were exhausted, sore feet, aching legs so we decided to hike it home. Took about an hour and a half but we finally made it. Going to look into a free walking tour of the city for tomorrow and hit up the Eiffel Tower late in the evening while its quiet, lit up and sparkling. Goodnight all.


4 thoughts on “Paris hates us – Parlez Vous Anglais?”

  1. I find the Parisian metro one of the best in the world!!! where were you staying outside of Paris?


    1. Yes we were in soisy sous Morrissey u believe it was called. Cheapest place we could find. But there’s a big strike going on with SNFC so trains were shut down making most days difficult to get around if you don’t really understand the system fully lol


      1. Wow…. oh dear! strike + Soisy whatever…!!!! Not a good combo!!! I hope for you it was really cheap because it must have been hell to reach Paris from there?!

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      2. It was like 3 trains and a bus. And extremely difficult lol. Took us a couple hours most days. We have all the time in the world so it wasn’t too bad I guess lol. Except for a day I was sick. That really sucked.


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