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Glasgow – Making an enemy at a laundromat

It was pretty nice to wake up this morning after a good nights sleep in a decent bed. I woke up thinking how lucky we are to be able to do what we are doing. I can think back to being at work and wondering if I’m going to mentally survive each shift. I can look back to a year and a half ago when we were living in Courtenay, I was laid off and taking care of Chloe, Mark was away in camp and thinking to myself how stuck I felt. How far I was from the goals I wanted to accomplish and how it all seemed so out of reach. I feel like I blinked and here we are. We worked so hard to get where we are today and where we want to go tomorrow…

Today started off with a slight bump. The Airbnb we were at offered laundry services, so we were like sweet! Its been a week and we need to do laundry, and its free! Ermagerd! Well the washer was in the kitchen and it was also a dryer…I know right?? Strange. Anyways, So Mark washed his first and then dried…well tried to dry. After 90 minutes our clothes still came out soaking wet and hot. So I did mine and we decided to hang dry. They had to be done by the morning cause we were checking out and storing our stuff at the bus station so we can kill time before our 10pm flight. We had no where else to hang them other than the room we were in — which had no hanging racks obviously so we used every surface we could find. Our room was coated from top to bottom in wet clothes. All over the floor, dresser, hangers (6 of them) closet shelves, door handles, everything but the bed. Well the next morning everything was still wet. Dammit. Tried the dryer again and they came out wetter than before. Double dammit. We had to check out and get going or we will miss our last day in Edinburgh and there’s still so much we want to see. We grabbed the bus into town and got off at the first stop by a laundromat. Told the lady working we just needed to use one dryer. “No, sorry. Everyone must use a washer first before they can use a dryer.” Uuummm, what? How about we pretend we used the washer and just throw everything in the dryer, and we’ll pay you for both, everythings already washed and this is our last day here, we have a lot to do and we don’t want to sit around waiting for our clothes. “No, sorry, I cant do that. My boss would be mad at me.”  My god, what kind of Hitler laundry services is he running here. We even offered her more money. Nope. Not happening. So instead of waiting 20 mins we ended up losing out on an hour. We waited at a small café a minute down the road. Mark had to go back and switch everything over after 20 cause “he didn’t trust me in the same room as her.” Side note: I was pretty mad at this woman and was not quiet about it. Well after that hiccup we hopped on the bus and dropped our bags off so we didn’t have to carry them all day.

First stop today was Princes Street Gardens. A public park in the centre of the city that sits in the shadow of the Edinburgh Castle. Such a beautiful garden consisting 37.5 acres of green rolling hills beautiful flowers. Various concerts and other events are held here during the summer.


Next we headed up through the gardens to the Edinburgh Castle. Lots of fun, steep hills to get to the other side of town. It was a nice little workout on the legs actually. This castle dominates the city’s skyline from its position on the volcanic looking Castle Rock. This castle was involved in many historical conflicts fro the Wars of Scottish independence starting in the 14th century to 1745. It was one of the most attacked places in the world. This place takes a solid 2 hours to get around the entire thing. Outside is filled with cobble stone walkways and platforms to walk up onto to overlook the city. Inside are different types of sights set up in rooms to show how the prisoners lived, a museum of Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, National War Museum of Scotland, St Margret’s chapel (the oldest and untouched building within the castle walls), the Royal Palace containing the queens crown.  Everything is all very commercialized and set up for tourism which is fine. Its a very large place and is quite amazing to just walk around and take in the scenery and appreciate those who built this gorgeous place. Every day at 1pm they shoot off the canon which dates back to 1861 when it allowed ships in the Firth of Forth to set the maritime clocks they needed to navigate the oceans. Pretty cool stuff.


After we left we headed down the busy road called the Royal Mile towards St Giles Cathedral. This is one of Edinburgh’s religious focal points for about 900 years dating back to the late 14th century. It was restored again in the 19th century and is now protected as a category A listed building. Inside is stunning. Carved and painted fittings with unbelievable detail into each section of this church. Its a must see if coming to Edinburgh.


The rest of the day was spent walking through shops and taking in the beautiful architect of this city. We headed back to the bus station to catch our bus to Glasgow cause I’m an idiot and booked our flight out of Glasgow instead of Edinburgh. Late flight and arrived in Dublin around midnight. After the cab driver got lost and we had to walk some of the way we ended up at our nice new airbnb. Some rest and a good sleep for another busy day tomorrow!


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