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Glasgow – Is this our stop??

Hey guys, I’ve been meaning to get on here and update everyone on what we’ve been doing so far. We are now in Glasgow, Scotland and we arrived here early yesterday morning around 1030am. Most of our day yesterday involved traveling and trying to find our Airbnb, settling in and such. I have a really good friend that lives here so we made plans to meet up with him for lunch around 130. He took us to a great little pub right in the middle of George Square which is the heart of downtown Glasgow. This square is surrounded by beautiful old Victorian architect and statues . Branching off from this square are these narrow cobblestone roads and tall historic buildings that remind me the apartments in 101 Dalmatians, the original cartoon drawing if anyone remembers these. There are some pretty awesome walking streets like Queen street with lots of little shops and pubs to go into and street performers playing music, singing and entertaining. This city has got a lot of Character.

20180405_13275220180405_115601Once we met up with my friend the drinks started to roll in. We went bowling and played some arcade games. We did some bar hopping down Ashton Lane. A beautiful little almost back alley like strip with strung up lights above the entire street that lights up like a Christmas tree after the sun sets. From there it gets slightly blurry on everything that we did but wow we had a blast! It was totally worth the headache this morning.


Despite the hangover we were up and out of the house by 9am to catch the bus into town. The sky was clear and blue and the sun was out, which was a nice change from the torrential down pour  we arrived in the day before. We purchased a day pass for the bus system as we knew today was going to be a lot of transit and walking. We headed for The Necropolis first, a Victorian cemetery….well we tried to go there and ended up riding the bus past our stop. We figured the bus would turn around so we waited…and waited…and waited on that bus in hopes we would head on back to the stop we missed. We weren’t all that lucky actually. When we finally thought we were heading back the way we came, the bus pulled off to a stop (like normal) and shut off the engine. We were about a solid hour into this bus ride at least already. Because the buses are double deckers, we were on the top and super confused. We walked down the steps and realized there was not one person on the bus other than us. We questioned the driver about the bus route trying not to sound and look like complete idiots (although we were way passed that by this point) We had to wait 10 minutes to switch to another bus and finally head back the other direction. By the time we got downtown we had rode the bus over 2 hours. Awesome. We also hadn’t eaten breakfast either so we were pretty hangry. We found a wonderful little Thai place for lunch and then headed to the Necropolis.

Fifty thousand individuals have been buried here amongst 37 acres. Not everyone has a name on the grave stone and apparently not every grave is marked either. Approximately 3500 monuments exist here. Some of the grave stones and monuments are very extravagant reaching heights of 20-30 feet. Buried beneath some of these monuments are explorers, authors, merchants etc. There are also war graves from WWI and WWII. It was an eerily beautiful walk through all the grave stones.


Next we headed to Botanic Gardens. Several glass houses filled with plants, cacti and flowers from all over the world on display. You walk through the humid warm air, which is a nice break from the nipping wind outside, and are able to see all the plant life up close.

After the gardens we headed to Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. Built in the 1920s this building is extravagant. It is one of Scotlands most popular free attraction for tourists. It features 22 themed galleries and 8000 objects. Unfortunately when we got there, it was 450pm and was closing at 5 so we got kicked out almost immediately. Rats.

Last but not least we headed to Drygate, a restaurant attached to the  Tennent Caledonia Brewery for supper. This place has been making beer for 450 years! They brew 21 of their own home made beers right on site and upwards around 100 different bottled selections. Their food was quite interesting including rabbit and duck as options. Enjoyed a few drinks with my friend again and decided to call it a night. Long day, my feet are sore and I’m ready to crawl into bed. Tomorrow we are off to some place new again and we extremely excited for that! Goodnight everyone ❤

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