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Iceland – Caves or Bust

Hey guys, well unfortunately today was all bust and no caves. Murr. Due to the heavy snowfall yesterday we were not able to make it to our destinations today. We turned onto the road to the caves off the highway and it was covered in snow, ice and slush. We are in a tiny little car and in no position to tackle roads like that. We got about 5km from the cave and were forced to turn around while we were still able to. Even the highway was a bit crazy. The wind was incredibly strong and the snowdrifts on the road were heavy. It almost looked like someone had placed smoke machines all along the road and we were at a Jr high dance. We decided to scrap the whole plan for today. Kinda sucks for our last day. We ended up driving along Hvalfjarðarsveit which is a gorgeous route along the coast. Once again nothing but glacier and mountain back drops surrounding lush green and white fields along a windy road. I dont think i could ever get sick the views here! Mark was looking for a specific sight along this road but we didnt have an address or a name, just wingin´it. After about 30 mins of driving this road we decided to stop and turn around at a view point and get some pictures of the glaciers. Once we got there and up to the information plaque we realized this was what Mark was looking for. So it worked out well. Hvalförður, a naval base during World War II. Vessels from Britian and the US gathered here before sailings to Russian Ports. The coast used to be filled with 250 military buildings along it and as cool as the history is, I very much like it clear and free of human activity.


With nothing much more to do we decided to head back to the Hallagrímskirkja church to check out the view point at the top that we were too cheap to pay for on our first day. Cost us 13$ each and you pay in a separate room and walk to this long line up and you go up 6 people at a time in an elevator. Turns out no one took our ticket and the guy who we paid was no where near the entry to the view point – so me being a cheapskate I was p*ssed when I got to the top and realized quickly we could’ve just gone up for free. But the view was quite beautiful, as is every view here in this magical country, but to have a full 360 view was pretty amazing. The wind blew hard through the windows so it was freezing up there and we didn’t stay long and headed back to the hostel. Relaxing night as we have to be up at 4am to catch our flight to the next destination! We are both ready for this…Scotland, here we come!


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