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Iceland – Who needs Bensín to get around?

Alright lets clear this up…

Bensín means gas in Icelandic and yes, you do need it to get around. Just like every where else in this world you must fill your tank. Mark and I started out another early day and on the road by 730am and off to do a 2.5 hour drive to another well known route in Iceland called the Ring Road. We had half a tank of gas for a 2.5 hour drive. Now I know you’re probably thinking that we actually ran out of gas but no, thankfully we didn’t. But damn we got close! You know that moment where you see you are low but think – bah, we’ll make it. And then all of a sudden the gas light comes on and all the little gas bars are gone and you say to yourself….next gas station we’ll stop. Ya, we did that today. And after stopping at a gas station we quickly found out you need a credit card to purchase the gas which we did not have and this gas station was a pump only station, meaning no store to go inside and pay(take in mind its easter Monday also). Okay, don’t panic. We are pretty close to the next town and we’ll stop and get gas there. Ya, didn’t happen. There was no town and if it looked like a town it was actually a farm house or some picnic benches. We drove an extremely uncomfortable 73kms AFTER that damn light went off and the whole time I am saying “were screwed mark, we wont make it! oh god oh god” Mark is saying “no its fine, we’ll be fine its all good” (I learned after the fact that he was panicking hard but couldn’t show it or else we would both fall apart – his words). Well that little Aygo is a beast cause it got us the entire way to our first stop, Vík. A small little seafront fishing village in South Iceland. Surrounding this quant town is a glacier called Mýrdalsjökull. And this glacier covers the Katla Volcano.

After having to purchase a prepaid gas card to gas up, we headed to Reynisfjara Beach about a 10 minute drive from Vík. Possibly one of the most amazing beaches I have seen by far. The rich black color of the sand makes it look so fine, but when you bend down and touch it, its actually tiny little black pebbles. Im talking black like a pupil. It was just gorgeous. Lots of danger signs warning tourist of the large waves and heavy currents. A notice was posted saying they had already lost a tourist this year trying to take a picture and didnt notice the wave coming in that swept him out to sea. On this beach is Reynisdrangar which is made of enormous basalt stacks and columns where lots of seabirds make their home year round and you can walk under these sea stacks as they are shaped like a giant cave. Inside the cave looks like it has been decorated with black pebbles and stones picked from the beach. Some movies like Noah, Star Trek and some Game of Thrones episodes have been filmed here at this famous beach.


black beach (1 of 1)20180402_101443

Next stop was Skógafoss. A beautiful waterfall on the Skoga River. Wow, what a waterfall! It is one of the biggest in Iceland with a drop of 60m and a width of 25m. You can literally walk right up to this thing! We got pretty drenched by the mist and water but we just HAD to get an upclose picture. Totally worth it. It was quite magical to be surrounded by thick falling snowflakes too. There are steps that lead up to the observation platform at the top of the falls. About 527 steps to be exact. Well worth the climb. The floor to the platform reaches out over top of the falls and is made of metal slats so you can look right through. If you have a fear of heights – avoid this for sure.

skogafoss (1 of 1)skogafossx1 (1 of 1)

Last and final stop was another waterfall called Urriðafoss. Definitley a bit milder than the ones we’ve seen so far but stunning nonetheless. This was a quick stop right off the main highway. We laugh at how easy it is to miss these sights as we drove by it on the way to Vík but didn’t notice it at all. I guess it would help if we could actually understand what the signs on the roads say… Anywho, this was a short walk but worth the stop. And we were on our way home. Nothing really to do for the evening other than pick up groceries for supper which was hard to find as its Easter Monday. Will this holiday never end!! Good lord. Relax and get ready for our last day in Iceland tomorrow. Sad Face.


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